Soccer Tryout Drills

The link below will take you to soccer tryout drills, a tryouts evaluation form, and tryouts tips.

As you know, tryouts are very important but can be tricky. You want to choose the players who will best fit your team and you don't want to make mistakes. Our tryout drills will help you avoid mistakes by evaluating Aggressiveness, Strength on the Ball, the Ability to Play Fast and Instinctively, Composure Under Pressure, and Who Can Win the Ball.

Our tryout drills involve competition and pressure. They will help you determine who will play the best in real matches at game speed, not who just looks good in line drills.

Good luck with your tryouts. If you have any great ideas to share, we would love to hear from you. The link below will take you to the article and there is a contact form there on the Home Page.

Soccer Tryout Drills to Evaluate Players

Soccer Tryouts Evaluation Form

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